Day 4, Jackson Hole and The Grand Tetons

We woke up Tuesday morning to a campground dusted with snow. It was such a beautiful sight and the snow continued on and off throughout the day. The drive to Jackson Hole was roughly 5 and a half hours due to the road closures in Yellowstone, but we made the best of it! We stopped a few times along the way for coffee, snacks, and gas. Bozeman, MT is the biggest town we went through and you could definitely find a place to eat or a hotel if you needed!

We stopped in Driggs, ID at a grocery store called Broulim’s to get more items for sandwiches and such. Driggs is a cute, small town and Broulim’s had plenty of supplies, a hot sandwich bar, salad bar, and a few other hot food options if you wanted to grab lunch or dinner.

With our stops, we arrived in Jackson Hole around 2 PM. Our original idea for Jackson Hole was a pass through stop but we ended up staying the night because we wanted to explore Grand Teton National Park.

The views of the Teton Mountains were grand to say the least. Even with the snowy sky, the mountains were so impressive and many times throughout the park we stopped to take in the views. It was snowing most of the time which I feel only added to the experience. We saw waterfowl (Canadian Geese and Trumpeter Swans), prairie dogs, bison, and elk.

We also pulled off to check out some of the historic spots along the way, and the National Elk Refuge!

Unfortunately, all of the campgrounds at The Grand Tetons were closed, so we headed back into Jackson. We had done some research on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives prior to the trip and Jackson had several options. We opted for Pica’s Mexican Taqueria. This was a good option as it was a counter-order restaurant that we were fine to go after a day of being in the car and outdoors. Here we both had chicken tacos, black beans and rice, chips and guacamole and pineapple sodas. It was really yummy!

After dinner, we went to our campground in Wilson, WY which was only 5 miles from the restaurant. Fireside Resort was the name of the park, which was friendly to RVs and also had cabins available. We had made a reservation earlier in the day and the owner left our map and campsite information out for us, which we appreciated!

This was a great experience and we looked up potentially coming back and staying in these homey cabins in the future. On the site, there are heated shower rooms (men’s, women’s and family), flush toilets, and a large laundry room. We took advantage of the laundry room and (obviously) the showers. Each camp site has a picnic table and fire pit with grate, although we didn’t use either because they were covered with snow 😊

  • Days in Jackson Hole: April 17-18
  • Grand Teton National Park Entrance: $30 (you can get a Yellowstone and Grand Teton pass for $50 and it’s good for 7 days)
  • Fireside Resort cost: $67
  • Temperature low 12 degrees high 29 degrees

Thanks for reading! Check back soon for updates!

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