Day 7, The “Grand” Canyon

We left Vegas nice and early because we knew we had a big day ahead of us with plans to stop at The Grand Canyon, Four Corners National Monument, and Mesa Verde National Park…about 9 hours of driving total. After breakfast at The Coffee Cup, we got gas and headed out around 7:45 AM.

From my reading and research, I knew there were a few routes we could take to the Grand Canyon, but we decided to take the most direct route so we could get there quickly.

Unfortunately, when we got to the South Rim, it was SNOWING. We couldn’t see anything but a few feet in front of us. We were so sad! But what could we do? It was just noon and we didn’t want to wait on the weather so we kept moving. Throughout our drive, we did see a few lookout points that allowed more visibility.

We continued driving…through hours of Native American reservation area. We saw very little but miles and miles of red rock, a few gas stations, and over the course of 3 hours, a few fast food restaurants. We got to Kayenta, Arizona around 4 PM and stopped at a Burger King as we hadn’t eaten since breakfast. We finally had cell phone service and were only an hour from Four Corners.

It was at this point we realized Four Corners closed at 4:45 and we wouldn’t make it in time. We had planned our camp stop in Mesa Verde knowing it wasn’t far from Four Corners, so at this point we changed our whole plan and headed to Moab, UT a night early to meet up with Matthew’s sister (hey LA!).

We got to Moab around 9 PM and went to bed after almost 14 hours of driving. It wasn’t the greatest day of the trip by any means, but we had lots of laughs along the way and made the best of it!

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