Day 8, Moab, UT

We arrived in Moab around 9 PM and camped at Lone Mesa Campground. Matthew’s sister, Leigh-Anne, is an adventure pro and knows the area well. She camped with us and we awoke with the sunrise on Saturday morning. Our campground was overlooking a canyon and was the truest form of camping we had done, as it was just us and the land (aka no facilities).

Matthew and I headed to Canyonlands National Park for a scenic drive which was beautiful. We ate bagels in the car, then dropped off our laundry at a local laundromat that offered a fluff and fold service so we could get our laundry taken care of while we were out exploring.

Canyonlands National Park: $25 (covered by national parks pass)

Laundromat: Moab Wash and Fold 1401 S. Spanish Mill Drive, Moab, $1.35/lb

After our drive through Canyonlands, we headed to Arches National Park where we met up with Leigh-Anne at the Delicate Arch trailhead. Delicate Arch is listed as a difficult trail due to a steep climb, no shade, and, in my opinion, some narrow areas around the cliffs which about sent me into a panic attack. HOWEVER, it was an amazing experience and the view at the end is incredible. It’s about 3 miles round trip and took Matthew and I a little under 2 hours to complete (this includes spending about 20ish minutes sitting at the top where the Arch is). We also were in Moab on free parks day so the trail was very crowded (the whole park was).

Arches National Park: $25 (covered under national parks pass)

We had wanted to go to another shorter trail after Delicate but we couldn’t find parking at the other trailheads in Arches. We stopped for lunch at Eddie McStiff’s and then went to Mill Creek Trail.

Mill Creek Trail is about 1.5 miles round trip hike that leads to a pretty waterfall with a small swimming hole. The beginning of the hike was a little tough for me climbing over/across large rocks next to the river. Some may say you have to “scale” the rocks. Matthew kept saying “think like a monkey, move like a monkey”. I was nervous but it felt good once I was done! The only other tricky area is crossing the river three times. Which really wasn’t too big of a deal, a lot of people took their shoes off but our boots are waterproof so we just went right across (some more slowly than others). I could definitely see swimming here on a warm day!

Mill Creek Trail: FREE! 🙂

*conveniently, only half a mile from the laundromat!

After our hike, we went to the City Market to restock on a few grocery items and then headed in for the night. We were exhausted but it was a great day full of adventures in the warm sunshine!

Thanks for reading, check back soon for updates!

Moab weather: Low 46 High 77

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